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Our structure

Group Hami is formed by a number of independent entities operating in several business sectors. The number of individual entities currently active and in which members of the Hami family have a significant interest exceeds 10. The operations are mainly based in Algeria and generally in cooperation with international partners. A growing share of our business is now international and is growing in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

The organizational structure of Group Hami is not typical of most conglomerate entities. The companies in which the members of the Hami family are shareholders remain fully independent, all with their independent boards and management, and an appropriate shareholder structure.

The Group’s core or core function is primarily strategic alignment and business facilitation in pursuit of individual company objectives. This involves coordinating the interests of family members and unlocking commercial potential through the application of international best practices and the implementation of common policies and procedures – as appropriate.

The main reasons for this “collaborative” structure are:
Lack of historical recognition or benefit from the concept of a consolidated holding company within Algerian commercial law It is now in the process of reform.
Risk management. Under the previous policy regime, if an entity encountered regulatory or governmental problems, all other entities would remain intact.
Focus. Each company operates independently, develops and implements its own strategies, establishes and manages its own budgets and is fully responsible for its performance. This allows directors and management to ensure that the company they represent remains viable, profitable and specialized.
Facilitation. Where opportunities exist, whether in existing companies or through the creation of new businesses, the Group’s management function facilitates the development of these opportunities when necessary. These include organizing visits, developing appropriate partnerships and legal structures, defining the terms of the relationship, building business plans, securing and structuring investment capital (if necessary) , To support ongoing relationships with partners or authorities and to provide advice and assistance where appropriate.